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Membership Overview

By joining the Western Area Builders Association, you automatically become a member of the North Dakota Association of Builders and the National Association of Home Builders. Your 3-in-1 membership provides you with tremendous networking opportunities, educational opportunities, and makes you part of the force in the building industry. Members will enhance their business opportunities and gain a competitive edge by staying exposed to the most current information and issues. Being involved in WABA activities is the key to getting the most from membership.

Member Benefits

Members enjoy a 3-in-1 membership in the Western Area Builders Association, the North Dakota Association of Builders, and the National Association of Home Builders. This federation works for the benefit of the building industry and its members. There are 2,000 members across North Dakota, and 210,000 members nationwide.

Locally, the Western Area Builders Association works to protect and promote your business on a full-time basis. We help enhance the image of the professional building industry, and ensure that the voice of the construction industry is heard through public relations and communication efforts.

Membership in the Western Area Builders Association gives you and your company the 
opportunity to be more successful.

Build your Business: Network with current and potential customers in the building industry at WABA events, seminars and meetings. Market your company through exclusive, member-only publications and the WABA website. The Western Area Builders Association strives to maintain a strong pace of construction that also spurs the business of our trade contractors and suppliers. Simply put, if builders aren’t building, then tradesmen aren’t working, and salesmen aren’t selling. As members, we all work together for the benefit of our businesses and our community.

Protect your Business
: We know that the decisions and actions of a city council, county commission, or school board can dramatically affect the ability of the housing industry to continue building homes for our community. We have state and federal governments covered, too, through the North Dakota Association of Builders and the National Association of Home Builders. You couldn’t possibly cover it all, so we are there for you!

Help your Bottom Line
: There are exclusive member benefits that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on important business costs, including contractors’ insurance, cell phone service discounts, and other programs that offer great benefits with substantial member discounts.

Expand your Business Leadership

: Education seminars and certification programs give you the training and tools needed to be an industry leader. Information provided by WABA and the state and national associations help you plan for the future and keep you ahead on industry developments, trends and issues that could impact your business. 

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